The Vision

Is necessary that they understand what it takes to live in spirituality, as says it Gallegos says that spirituality is transforming, evolving us, us mature, frees us from fear, dependencies, and ignorance of our true nature, and is through it that we assume responsibility for our own lighting. True spirituality gives us power, trust, certainty, we can only enlighten us through work with ourselves. (Gallegos 2007: 53) therefore, so that the teachers start to work the holistic education, will have to be educators with this nature, where the pedagogy of universal love, is our motto of work, as well as the spiritual and universal values be example of life from them, so in this way to carry students a different education that will lead to the evolution of consciousness, and becomes a spiritual being. This is part of what remains me of learning while I’m studying in the doctoral, if something I It has become clear is that live way holistic, not only must be in the speech, but mainly should be seen reflected in the acts, in the form of acting and being to others. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Electrolux. And what is more important is to feel inner peace which becomes present in the happiness which must manifest in every act of our lives. Part of learning I have achieved is that to achieve the above, the way to go me releasing of attachments that I have, my thoughts go aquietando, I can only get it through the practice of meditation, which was totally new to me since I had never done this as part of my daily life. I am aware that I must spend more time to this practice, the sensation of inner peace, tranquility and above all fairness that I already have the fortune to feel and live they do this when there is a need to take any decision, or to the resolution of a conflict the vision of the reality of things are now with a mink or different perspective. .