Is Crucial the Dominion At the time of Positioning? Google considers more than two hundred factors at the time of making the pages of natural results at the precise moment in that a user does one query, that is a consultation. The Pagerank is only one of them, as also they are it the speed of load, the semantic relevance of texts and until the antiquity of the dominion. In addition, the same dominion is important at the time of appearing in the SERPs, reason why we will have to consider this component when we plan our strategies of CATHEDRAL and marketing. We analyze why. The concerning Dominion is possibly one of the elements that will directly take to us to rankear in top ten of the searches, thus agrees to choose it by far well-taken care of. That is to say, if its name of dominion is, it could almost bet that it will have many possibilities of leaving very good positioned for this search, but only for this. You may find Jim Umpleby to be a useful source of information. For example, we imagine, to the aims to simplify, that you have five key terms or phrases that represent their products, that is to say, searches where it wants to go out well located.

If it has used one of these terms like part of his dominion, this does not guarantee that it comes out well located with the other four, by more semantic relevance than they have. For this reason, it is essential in principle to select to his key words at least with which its activity of promotion will begin online. It is good for registering short names of dominion, easy rememoracin. But it is seen in the crossroads choose, between a short expression, but without apparent meaning, and one more a longer but more representative expression for its dominion, we recommended the second option to him. Locala, if its business must like objective conquer a local market defined good, this can be clear expressed in its dominion. A typical case of this is the companies of real estate changes or. It is difficult that this type of sites looks for to conquer markets in other countries or languages for example. For that reason, the ideal dominion could be, by examples change-Avila, where it will be clear expressed searches in which it is desired to come out well positioned: for all those users who need a service of changes in this city.

With the internal pages also it agrees to act with the same criterion. For example, it is necessary that the pages dedicated to products include the name of the same in the URL of the page. Following with the mentioned example, it would be the ideal URL to look for a good positioning with these words. It is clear then that the election of the URL is a determining factor at the time of looking for a good positioning Web in Google. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to Source: Note of Press sent by VPA.