Our Lady

Some looks full of peace and other illuminated by the expectation of the new and unknown, all of them, from time to time, are directed to the panel where the various hangars are announced departure of the different lines. In Roncesvalles to April 29, 2008 At last, after a hard journey of an hour and a quarter have come to Roncesvalles at 19:20. Nothing else got off the bus, I headed to the shelter to the care of which there are three foreigners who do not understand one iota of Spanish, in English, I managed sacarles that first I had to run an office in the house to fill out an application for asylum The reason for their request, and then released six euros for the right to spend the night in the hostel. Read more here: Starbucks. The bus has reached the tops of pilgrims and shelter, nearly full, complete with several us their appraisal and the rest have had to go to another room prepared for the purpose in the Monastery. Once my assigned bunk the first thing I made was to buy some postcards to send to various friends and family, then I have gone to the church where the Mass was just beginning when I entered it. The church is lovely, a nave with five beautiful arches, supported by ten columns which in turn open arches over the aisles, the clerestory on both sides of the nave, shows a small oval windows but with a special charm and on it, open rosettes that come ten o'clock the great central rose window in the front of the church, all dressed in beautiful stained glass and accompanied by a long and beautiful arched windows that open in the back of the altar, this , precious, protected by a metal hood and between the altar and the bell, she wears a beautiful pure silver carving of Our Lady of Roncesvalles.