The Rise

And even if this list will be Though small (or even one), but solid clients deal will be easier. The client will see that others like it have already worked with you, and if so, then glide across the idea that he can work with you. Well, besides probably low prices can cause a big client of doubt and suspicion, and when you clearly know your boundaries and lath, you show confidence in your products and services, that such price is taken not to bordochka. And here you have again and completely fair question arises: Andrew, do you suggest to abandon low-cost customers, but if they make up most of the customer base? You offer hack to death on the vine our business? – Of course not. First, start share of the cheap customers that rob you the greatest amount of time and pay less attention to them. You should have your timing. In most cases, it turns out that customers themselves can solve their minor problems or to find out some technical issues without assistance. Second, the rise trims in most cases would not lead to otvalivaniyu most clients, and to an increase in orders from them, especially when they will see that you're working with reputable clients and want to strive for it.

And those who fall off, so it's not the customers who because it was cheaper, you should work. But do not turn up for the first couple of the bar too high. Do everything slowly. First, attract more customers, and then you weed out undesirables. If the right to screen out undesirables, not finding them a better substitute, formed blank, blank space, which can seriously affect your business. You will not lay off employees, not finding him a replacement? So it is with customers. And those of you who have until now believed that the customer is always right, read this post. Leave a comment possible here.