Ethnic Style Noble Elegance

the new autumn-winter collection brings to life traditions Heilbronn/Leingarten, 5 June 2013: nature and home connection in combination with a nostalgic recollection of traditions are permanent values that are once again on the subject of a trend. Natural materials and colors in the living room and decoration and the use of antique tableware to decoration reflect the longing for peace, security and harmony. The deceleration of the everyday and the need for holistic well-being are becoming increasingly important. Cottage romance, cozy fireplace evenings, harmonious nature scenes and restrained elegance focus the at the Worner decoration specialist in the new autumn-winter collection. The extensive range of unusual decorative items allows a variety of seasonal or even timeless for shaping sceneries, never antiquated acting despite the obviously old-fashioned concentration on traditional values. Warm reds and bright orange attune the Viewer on a harmonious autumn time. Natural materials such as Sisal, jute, felt and knitting are basic decoration building blocks may be mixed well with each other. The faux fur or the colored blankets by the fire immediately bring a homely atmosphere.

Coloured paper feathers draped as a catcher and make for an exotic touch. The nesting birds is framed by red and blue giant Springs such as with a defensive wall, while the Green and blue feathers put Hummingbird and deer in scene. Autumn accessories such as cones, acorns, chestnuts and witty textile mushrooms complete detail the autumn leaves. The big trend topic of owls”encourages imaginative arrangements and cute lighting. The winter is anything but grey and dreary.

The fresh colours of the ethno-styles illuminate this often dark time of year with their traditional patterns. Typical winter associations such as ice and snow, frosty cold and fresh air are realized with cool blue and white tones. Flocked branches, be glimmerte decorative vines, icicles in glass optics and vereiste commodities like coffee mugs and candle holders tell of the Winter Wonderland, in which of course many winter animals can Frolic. Vividly and clearly original, antique sleds, skis or skates embody the dream of winter sports. On the one hand, Christmas with its irresistible charm and mystic magic shines in understated splendour. Muted pastel Act noble amid festive gold and silver. On the other hand, again, classic red, as well as a touch of opulence are announced. White stucco elements, richly decorated crystal chandeliers, Golden cherubs and colored giant balls are irresistible attractions. Nostalgic objects are used in addition to Classic Christmas external and balls. A zinc bath of full red Christmas balls lights before a Gassl carriage, a real spinning wheel and old nostalgia suitcase can be decorated variable. An exceptional decoration with robust materials such as canvas or faux fur natural tones makes for an attractive contrast. The autumn/winter collection of Heinrich Woerner GmbH amazed again with a Wide range of attractive and unusual decorative items and complete arrangement suggestions. The catalog can see. be requested. The following download link interested for free publication see pictures on the subject of new collection autumn/winter 2013 “. PR/ image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Liebig Street 37 74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-621 PR/public relations: Astrid link email: marketing: Alexandra Novac email: display: Stefanie Roth email:

Patina Is Also An Artificial Ageing Process

Succeeded at the time our innovators, particularly stable to strengthen also the hinges and the wood on the one hand and on the other hand a restoration process in addition to protect. We embody design and style companies with the Aldecor wood Manufactory within the Lotex. Just of the distribution of the Lotex companies it has very often with very specific questions in how and what is made to do. We go from time to time on the subject of one or the other. Unfortunately not always immediately and equal, since there are imitations of our protected products occasionally unfortunately again. Keith McLoughlin is full of insight into the issues.

These imitations reach the market while only diminished due to massive industrial work and customs controls, because every product of the Aldecor factory is protected by copyright, but they are ubiquitous. But you, as our customer, have a right to know how our wood albums are produced. Our customers according to the question:-what do you mean actually treated with patina? -will companies be answered by the Press Office of the Lotex. In the past two years have been in our Holzmanufaktur Aldecor optimizes only the materials to enable the strength and the durability of our photo albums and guest books made of wood. The durability of the albums even works by our secret solution”, which we again and again dive into the Woods and several drying processes undergo. The fibers of the wood are always small and connect with our witches soup. Succeeded at the time our innovators, particularly stable to strengthen also the hinges and the wood on the one hand and on the other hand a restoration process in addition to protect.

We like to say our wood albums and also the hinges with patina”treated to have. The patina is basically a layer created by the weathering of a surface. For example, an old sculpture that is exposed to the influences of weather, receives a unique and often attractive surface after several years. Now the patina is also artificially”, by when our aging wood albums Coloring and repeatedly grinding is anticipated. The patina to the term comply with: the irrefutable evidence of the aging of an object. This we would like our products, if also artificially made, reach. The wooden factory produced albums with an ancient structure”, and corresponding wooden boxes where recorded our albums should be with artificial wood worm holes. The process of making something new to old is called patinate. Our wooden top surface is coated with a proprietary stain and again in different places sanded and again. Wooden rings or knots in the boxes be stressed usually with darker colours, while the large areas are being treated by a lighter color of less. So we’re talking likes to talk about the “old made on”. Friends of antique furniture and antique objects know what we mean, and we hope to see you now also. You just belong? Immerse in the unforgettable beauty of our wood products.