City Hall

It was found that this ancient science really have an explanation for the inner beauty, and it really is very different from the known 'spiritual' slogans shake the air. Sergey Brin
has similar goals. Inner beauty, say the Kabbalists, – a form of our desire. Each is a form of desire, and it's not just a form – that it defines who you are. Source: Howard Schultz. What I mean by this? Now know. Few of the reasons Who knows what material made by people? Kabbalah says that this material – self-interest.

Or, to put it 'professionally' desire to receive pleasure. Yes, yes, selfish desire and nothing else. No matter how much we climbed Barricades were not going to demonstrate in front of City Hall and turned the tables do not, the fact remains – we are all 'made' out of a desire to get maximum enjoyment with minimal effort. Like any other natural material such as clay or marble, this desire has no bad nor good. It is not ugly and not beautiful. However, it may take the form of a beautiful or ugly.

What does this mean? And that's what. Ugly egoistic form that seeks to only to the filling itself, especially when it occurs at the expense of others. This egoistic form has many faces, has a lot of garments, which hides the simple desire. In this case, a man in a variety of ryaditsya negative forms, such as a liar, lazy, Thief, scoundrel, etc. Pretty same form – a form of love, and one that aspires to make others.