Day Trading

We say "Trade" and immediately recall the merchants in their favorite stores. Maybe you did not even imagine how many people are running to the store in the right place at the right time turned out to be exactly what you need! At the store or pharmacy: Sellers, Pharmacists, Consultants, Loaders, Storekeeper, guards, Commodity, pharmacists, managers. In the wholesale trade: Sales representatives, sales managers, merchandisers, Supervisors, brand managers, drivers, freight forwarders, stevedores, operators, storekeepers, accepter, picker, Administration. And on the production of labor the whole department! Sure, and among your relatives, friends and acquaintances have people related to trade and marketing. For even more analysis, hear from Marc Lautenbach. And when these people celebrate the holiday to congratulate the industry they must be: for even their holiday, many of them spend at work, with full kit. After all, we have demanding customers: we want us to smile, guessed our desires, not pay attention to other buyers, and served very quickly. And "trading people" trying. And in response, we'll let flat, spiteful jokes.

And he is after our wits meets next buyer … Native to you man or a good friend working in the trade area? Make it a gift on the Day of Trade (the last Sunday of July)! Especially if he, or it works in the rank and file staff. Put yourself in the place of the employee. How hard these people, giving of themselves, serving us to understand that most clients consider trading down to earth activities, and, at times, refer to staff with explicit condescension or arrogance ….

Bohemian Gifts

All much easier if your friend, colleague or boss – an avid collector, owner, for example, collections birds' eggs. To make a decent gift is not necessary to go to the ends of the earth in search of eggs of some birds superekzoticheskoy Fox. While yes, a new instance of the collection will please its owner overwhelmingly. Nevertheless, we can restrict rarity of publications on the subject of book collections, stamp-album-quality container or storage of exhibits, catalogs for organizing meetings and many others. And you can even give unique author's doll, an exclusive cigar or candle design and handmade by the Service must explain that hope that gave the first copy of the new and exciting collection. In general, you can give fastidious and traditional gifts, betting on quality and originality. If the belt, it is only natural leather excellent workmanship. Well, if this thing will be brought from a far country, and is decorated with authentic buckle or ornament.

If you are going to give the glass a souvenir bowl or vase, then let it be a production plant in Gus-Crystal, a Murano or Bohemian glass. If the figurine, choose antique bagatelle with a history of or something elegant and modern, fit and articles in national style. The main thing is to match the thing tastes and preferences bestowed. If you are not convinced, visit Rob Hannah. Indeed, hardly a fan of technical innovations will evaluate one of the famous "Children Falcone," and a glamorous young lady does not approve a futuristic piece of steel wire. But if you change presents some places, the harmony will be restored, and received gifts fastidious will not find them in a single defect. Not too difficult, as it turns out, pick up a gift to someone who will take it though gladly, but be sure to meticulously evaluate the quality, reliability and unusual. Enough to take the selection process very seriously, attach a piece of his soul, to show a little imagination … and use these simple guidelines. Believe me, the result will surpass your expectations, making happy not only to the recipient, but also the giver – the ie, you. And this is not the best reward we get when looking for gifts for those who hold in our lives important?

Saint Maria

In this small ritual, it is the great teaching; the love giving sequence to the life. He does not have scientific knowledge that he can substitute it, but unhappyly, it comes being left of side. Another one of the procedures that I noticed that they had been eliminated, was exactly of the feeding for the children. Some modern parents sopinha or the hot tea when we were sick? Alone the fact to attend that sequence of loaded actions of love feelings, already made with that if it initiated in us, the process of cure of the illness that was in acometendo. Another ritual that> he is being conjured, he is that one of the constant and affectionate convivncia between parents and children.

Nowadays, we are transferring the creation of our children to dribbles, day-care centers, schools that, for better prepared that they are, never will substitute the love of the parents. The consequence is that, many times everything finishes discharging in the advice to tutor and in the judiciary power. I remember that when small, being placed to them in the col, of our parents, in we felt insurances to them. We did not need deuses, angels or armies stop protecting in them; we had I hug it protector of our mother and the vigilant look of our father. When practising these simple and universal gestures, our ancestors in them transmitted perpetual and invariant teachings that we finished loading for the remaining portion of our lives. After all, values are not transmitted only with words; they are also transmitted through small ancestral gestures.

Unhappyly, the practical one of such rituals, next to the sacred one, comes being eliminated systematically for the news generations, also interrupting, the learning that the universe propitiated in them through them. With such interruption, it starts to have a species of emptiness of values, an one in addition of the important links in the sequence of the life. It is as if suddenly, during ours walked by a dense forest, we lost the track that would take in them in return to the security of our home. Necessary that let us retake the way that we trod and let us come back to practise these perpetual rituals, dictated directly for the great mother nature. However, if not to make it soon, we will irremediably have breached the linking canal that leads of a generation for the other, all the wisdom of the universe. Perhaps from there then, it does not have more time to rescue a good parcel of the future generations of an imminent shipwreck.