A passenger bothered with the situation where if she found you aged, educadamente asked for so that ' ' folgada' ' passenger yielded the place aged Mrs. Total refusal. For the audio one &#039 can be listened following; ' Place of old is in casa' '. It had a beat-mouth, an exchange of insults and finally the aggression. But or less of the type: It does not go for good, goes for badly. the folgada passenger took some covers and pokes of hair and yielded the place aged Mrs.

Under vaias of the excessively temporary ones. In this exactly reporter another constrangedora scene. A couple of aged in foot, the full subway. In the private place to the gestantes people, with locomotion difficulty and aged, two marmanjos listening music for the earphone and dissimulating that they were sleeping. A temporary question if could yield the place aged Mr., who was if directing to the Hospital of Clinics, to change a sounding lead that was placed in the abdomen. What the educated youngster spoke? Oh! Mine! If it binds.

You in mai the rest of the life. What to make before a situation of this? It swims. Simply to lament that we are walking in the against-hand of history In developed countries and with steady economy, (and Brazil if says placed in eighth in economy terms), the respect to deficient, the ace gestantes, to the aged ones, the ones with difficulties and limitations of locomotion, is white of much attention and care. But we Brazilians not yet we learn respecting in them and respecting to our fellow creatures and in special and exemplificado in the two cases before cited. The Law exists. The Law has that to be fulfilled. This writing in the Constitution and the Human Rights, but only written. To make to fulfill the Law is another history.