Europe Pressure

In the second variant, the shaft rotates twice as slowly, naturally the number of cycles and the load on the hpa will be two times smaller, respectively, the service life (lifetime) will be more and wear of friction parts is longer. Pressure. The pressure in the hpa is measured in bars, 1 bar = 0.98 atmosphere. Pressure for the beating of different dirt in the sink enough of 160-200 bar. It is important that the unit had a pressure adjustment. If necessary, and it will be the owners of poorly colored cars are asked to turn down the pressure, otherwise it can fly off the paint. Factory set maximum pressure on the unit. You can turn down a smaller side.

If you or your washer decided that the pressure is weak, it is better contact your dealer or you can break the spring bypass valve, which costs money. To increase the pressure there is attachment, that significantly increase the pressure, they are called: rotoklin, killer dirt turbofreza, etc., but have the same purpose. This attachment turns the water stream and washed by increasing the area. These nozzles used in winter for beating ice podkrylok, as well as washing trucks vehicles. Touchless car wash. About this Much has been written various articles, but I once again repeat.

Touchless car wash comes to us from Europe. For non-contact cleaning using foamer or penokomplekt. The principle of non-contact sink in Europe is causing the foam to dry a car body, waiting 3-5 minutes and flushing with water from the hpa.