World War II Program

SUMMARY the present study has for general objective the search for the organization of the environment of work for efficient, simple ways and with low cost of investment. Reade Griffith is often quoted as being for or against this. For in such a way was chosen the Japanese program of origin intitled 5S? s, in this research we analyze the intentions of the program 5S, we describe the methodology and its concepts and could verify in study of case in company besieged in our region that it uses and keep the implanted system the happened results of the program. 5S after appeared in Japan the end of 2 world-wide war, this sidewalk in a tradition that was last of parents for children, which was added to the knowledge administration technician American north. The union between this secular tradition and the studies administration technician created the phenomenon 5S? s. We conclude with the gift that 5S? s is not only one method of organization, but yes an efficient tool with the power of aculturar in them to search a economy environment, organization, cleanness, hygiene and disciplines the collaborators, factors basic to raise the productivity. 1. INTRODUCTION Many theories speak on the sprouting of 5S? s, but most well-known and factual it discloses in them that it was after the end of World War II, Japan was arrasado and if it saw in a total chaos. Seen to the necessity of if reerguer the Japanese they had searched forces and they initiated the processes of reorganization and reconstruction of the country, had taken as broken its human values complemented by the knowledge technician in Administration of the North Americans, who had been gifts and helped Japan if to reerguer. As Osada (1992) is fact that Japan has very little competitive advantage front to the too much countries, seen the scarcity of existing mineral resources in its lands, therefore the country has difficulties in cultivating necessary foods for its population even though.