Working With Both Hands

There was a time when a banker needed to hire the services of a man so he opened the door of his bank. You put the ad in the newspaper and quickly received several replies. If you are not convinced, visit Jonas Samuelson. He called each of the aspirants and himself interviewed them, but set in a very promising boy who could make a brilliant career at your company. You hired him and told him to start instantly. The boy touched it and inquired how much salary that would receive. The banker said without flinching: $165.00.

The young bass head a bit but nevertheless accepted employment. While working, the other employees noticed that he only used one hand to open the door of the Bank and not smiling. After a month the owner of the Bank came and saw that indeed the boy used only one hand and not smiling or did barely. Intrigued I approached him and asked him: young, do you only used one hand to open the door and not smile?. The youngster, undeterred told him: For what you pay me, I think that it is enough to use only one hand. I think it goes without saying what happened next. This story heard several years ago while attending a talk, where, after telling us this illustration, we were told something like this: the real winners used two hands, although the salary was not what expected. Many times we think we deserve more of what they give us, and I believe that we are right, but only when we are willing to give more than what we are asked. One can say that it is a law: If we give more receive more, although sometimes receive somewhat slow in time. Think, for example, in his life when he was a student (perhaps some still are experiencing this stage), when on many occasions had to assume responsibility for some task because their team simply cannot dedicate myself to work, or when he noticed that his companions would go the easy way and you decided to take a shortcut only lead him to feel disappointed in himself.