The Primitivism In Power

JOSE BRECHNER Evo Morales after the elections and before assuming command launched more reckless than Chavez’s threats. It was not to be surprised, he won with an absolute majority, the profiteers render honors and those who fear him also. And Evo can be fear, because if anything characterizes the Bolivian indigenous population is their hostility toward whites, successful mestizo, foreigners and to all those who are not Indians. The so-called k aras in the aymara jargon. In his little reliable speech that change content of agreement to the audience and convenience, Morales likes to express his favorite phrase: we are the culture of dialogue. Although all its actions and proposals, before and after reaching the Presidency-, have been direct provocations to violence. Ironically, his most hardened opponents and most of the victims in clashes with the Government, have been the same peasants who says defending, but already begins to aim their arrows towards them that they truly hates: the k aras. The Bolivian writer Alcides Arguedas described in his book people sick, the idiosyncrasies and psychological traits of the inhabitant altiplanico.

He said: The aymara, not denotes sensitivity or intelligence in his face. These simple features are frightening. It is usual in the country that natives do justice with their own hands without determining innocence or guilt of the accused, lynched anyone for pure entertainment. Call it: community justice. A little over one year ago, local TV showed how they burned alive an alleged thief of a TV. The cameraman was the spur that participants catch the human fire, incite that they pour gasoline on the tethering and hit man who is writhing and screaming in pain before the blessing of the observers of the medieval spectacle. The fact was issued on the night news at dinner with the guys around the family dinner table. The savagery and cruelty of the judges is horrible.