The Duration

In all World PSB-S are allowed to apply both in the construction and container for food products. Expanded polystyrene, environmentally friendly and suitable for the insulation of all types of construction and transportation. Soundproofing and With wind-force by means of thermal insulation boards penopolisterolnyh PSB-S does not need additional windscreen. In addition, improved sound insulation constructions. For reasons of principle, due to the closed combined insulation system can be achieved very good sound insulation from outside noise. Execution by panels of polystyrene leads to better protection for 2-4 dB. Resistance to low-income and EPS heats the lower temperature limit of Styrofoam in construction is virtually nonexistent. Volume compression should be considered in cases where it is necessary for temperature conditions, For example, the construction of refrigerated warehouses, etc.

When operating at high temperatures the value of the maximum temperature depends on the duration of temperature exposure (resting with Hot bitumen) polystyrene may, in some cases withstand temperatures far in excess of 1000 C. In the longer thermal load exceeding 1000 C, foamed structure begins to soften and sinter. The constancy of the size of all materials are subject to certain changes in the size. Distinguish resizing options in connection with the heat, and because of the additional shrinkage. 1.

The interval of sizes corresponds to 0.05 to 0.07 mm in length 1metr 10C. This means that when the temperature at approximately 170S is a reversible change in length of 0.1%, ie 1mm / m. 2. Changing the size of the additional shrinkage lies in the range from 0.3% to 0.5%.