The Difficulty

It occurs, let us say, a timbre that if manifest in some fields of the activity human being, since the culinria until the philosophy. However, one of the fields profcuos of the activity human being it is the art, in special, the art literary. We have, therefore, the art imitating the life, from there why the characteristics of after-modern literature to espelharem the society in which it was produced. Considering that literature not only suffers the influence from the way, but also she is influenciadora in its way to reach the citizens, being a canal for the new, literature focada here corresponds accurately to a complex newness, that if goes constructing under the rhythm sped up of the events and to the flavor of them. As fruit of a new moment, it presents some limitations, as the difficulty in understanding the after-modern, establishing systemizing classifications and other procedures of study. As salient Connor (1989, apud SOBRAL and GONALVES, 1996, p.13): We are in and we belong to the moment that we try to analyze, we are in and we belong to the structures that we use to analyze it. We could almost say that this terminal autoconscincia (? terminal? he is glamuroso, but inexact, because the question is that autoconscincia never is terminal) characterizes ours moment contemporary or? after-modern. However, to analyze and to define after-modern literature we need to understand as this art if it characterizes as new, that they differentiate it to aspects of modern literature and why the artistic scene has moved in such a way. If to understand that literature, of certain form, is the representation of the reality, we have, therefore, a simpler explanation: if the dumb society is because the human beings move, if these change its artistic manifestations could not remain static. In if treating to after-modern literature in itself, had as a new literature, because perceived as different of modern literature, Sevcenko is located (1995, p.50): The new expression is justified thus for the change of perspective of these aturdidos creators.