City Hall

It was found that this ancient science really have an explanation for the inner beauty, and it really is very different from the known 'spiritual' slogans shake the air. Sergey Brin
has similar goals. Inner beauty, say the Kabbalists, – a form of our desire. Each is a form of desire, and it's not just a form – that it defines who you are. Source: Howard Schultz. What I mean by this? Now know. Few of the reasons Who knows what material made by people? Kabbalah says that this material – self-interest.

Or, to put it 'professionally' desire to receive pleasure. Yes, yes, selfish desire and nothing else. No matter how much we climbed Barricades were not going to demonstrate in front of City Hall and turned the tables do not, the fact remains – we are all 'made' out of a desire to get maximum enjoyment with minimal effort. Like any other natural material such as clay or marble, this desire has no bad nor good. It is not ugly and not beautiful. However, it may take the form of a beautiful or ugly.

What does this mean? And that's what. Ugly egoistic form that seeks to only to the filling itself, especially when it occurs at the expense of others. This egoistic form has many faces, has a lot of garments, which hides the simple desire. In this case, a man in a variety of ryaditsya negative forms, such as a liar, lazy, Thief, scoundrel, etc. Pretty same form – a form of love, and one that aspires to make others.

Bacheldorom Kenneth

They recommend that the magicians "ignite a spell." It is this effect and is the first step in the above sequence. If you embark on a magical act, your desire must be so strong as to burn clean bright flame. Magicians believe astral energy and emotions are almost the same, or at least different aspects of the same. So if you light up an emotion or desire, then filled with astral energy. Douglas R. Oberhelman insists that this is the case. Your wish becomes the fuel for your actions, and The higher the octane number of fuels, the better the results. No need to keep it burning days or weeks, but a magician who wants to succeed, must support it for long enough. And it is this factor is the reason why so few bother to advanced magicians materialization of 100-dollar bills. In the usual set of magical ocean fish catch which the magician is much more useful and interesting, what to do just making money.

Faith in their abilities is also very important for the magician. Feeble credibility you are obviously not enough. Not suitable for these purposes and scientific approach, which requires an open mind. Mag should have internal confidence, conviction and insight that he will succeed. This is an ancient secret, open back Bacheldorom Kenneth and his team in the table-(see Chapter 2). Faith – the factor which often limits the magic action. Theoretically there is no magical difference between the materialization of a 100-dollar bills and thousands of denominations, but only a few magicians find it necessary to reach a substantial amount.

The Month

The first half of the month quite suitable for investment and active business development. Profligacy can lead to loss or damage especially in speculation. It is also a critical period for the unions and connections to family and marriage. Can not be excluded ailments of the gastrointestinal tract. It is very dangerous at this time to show stubbornness and stand on his own. Can be flash jealousy and hatred of enemies. Best at this time to do routine things, try not to conflict with others and do something habitual and familiar.

The most successful at this time will be signs Earth because it is their inherent qualities needed in this period – perseverance, endurance, perseverance, patience and diligence in all things, ideas, plans. The seriousness and composure, calmness, focus brings success. Very useful at this time to do drafting work plan of action for a long period ahead. We must show seriousness and responsibility, and then the dangers that are negative aspects in early July, will cost you party. From 13 to July 17, the planets and stars will help in any undertakings.

This is a very opportune time for the flight, to open a new business or converting an old, for interesting trips, the start of training, activity and communication. There is a need for spiritual renewal, mobilization of all spiritual forces, the flash of creative insight, manifest latent abilities. New ideas, meeting new people with original, useful and beneficial permutation and pleasant surprises. There are sudden and exciting events of the favorable and happy nature, random, unexpected happiness, the good news and messages.