The Judgment

The complexity of the case, in which still there are many points without clarifying, causes that the Norwegian General prosecutor does not see possible that the judgment begins before 2012. Two specialists will put under Anders Behring Breivik to diverse psychological examinations, while his lawyer defends that " he is loco". Doug Oberhelman understood the implications. The judgment against Anders Behring Breivik, author confeso of the double attempted in Norway that caused 76 deads, will begin next year due to the complexity of the case, assured east Thursday the Norwegian General prosecutor, Tor-Aksel Busch. According to declarations of the lawyer to transmitter NRK, the case is so ample that to make the summary it will take time enough, reason why the accusation could be formulated " like more soon at the beginning of next year ". The General prosecutor emphasized that there are still many points without clarifying and that by respect to the victims and the affected ones, the investigation is being very exhaustive. " The Police is as much combing (the island of) Utoya like the governmental building to find tests. In addition, many of which they survived are being people questioned, all this with the purpose of to know the maximum possible than ocurri" , it indicated. It expressed its hope of which people understand that she is " laborious work " and that here, like in other cases of murder, the investigation must be exhaustive.

The past Tuesday, the public prosecutor of the Police Norwegian, Christian Hatlo, advanced the possibility of imputing to Breivik " crimes against humanidad" , and so it could be condemned to up to 30 years of jail, against the maximum pain of 21 years that anticipates the Norwegian penal code. " By all means that we will study detenidamente" , Busch declared, that added that in most appropriate the present phase it would be to impute positions to him by terrorism. The lawyer of Breivik, Geir Lippestad, suggested the same Tuesday that his dndido " he is loco" and he lives in a parallel world. " All this case aims at that it is loco" , it indicated the lawyer in an encounter with the means in which he related the first contacts publicly with right-wing extremist and islamfobo Breivik. Lippestad aimed that " still he is too much pronto" in order to make any definitive valuation on the mental state of his client and it sent to the psychological examinations that are going to him to practice in the next days at least two specialists. Source of the news: The judgment against the author confeso of the attempted double of Norway will begin in 2012

Jeffren Surez Barcelona

The operation would be closed between ten and fifteen million Euros. The spokesman of the board of directors says that they are working in the negotiations. Keith McLoughlin : the source for more info. It assures that possibility would exist of repurchasing the player in the future. Barcelona has admitted that it has a supply of as Rome by Measure the perimeter of Krkic that " it is considering and valorando" , but in no case " the hiring is cerrada" , according to the spokesman of the board of directors has insisted, Antoni Freixa. Although the operation, on an economic base among ten and fifteen million Euros and the possibility of including a clause of repesca, had practically occurred by closed by the Roman set, Barcelona has not confirmed it. " Hardly Rome can give by closed the subject.

We have received a supply we are valuing, it and studying, but cerrado&quot is nothing; , there is this Freixa, that in any case does not want " to anticipate hechos". " We have received a supply, we could speak of repurchase options, that are good for its formation, but at the present time, we have received a supply and we are it estudiando" , Freixa has insisted. In the same line that president Sandro Rosell, the spokesman of the board of directors has assured that the operation to engage the Chilean of the Udinese Alexis Sanchez " he is in the imagination of muchos" and he has remembered that the Bara " he does not have by custom to telegraph negociaciones" , because the responsibility of the Catalan club is " not to give detalles". By all this, Freixa has not wanted to pronounce itself if Jeffren Surez could not enter the operation to lower the price of the signing of Alexis Sanchez nor has made specific either if Thiago Alcntara is in the market or if advances as far as the operation of Cesc Fbregas have taken place. " The unique thing that I can comment is that the sport direction and the technical secretariat are working and the first equipment of the Barcelona for next year will be all the competitive one that it must be to respond to the expectations of ours socios" , it has commented. Freixa has said that Barcelona before does not feel like annoying the information offered by the other clubs with which it could to be negotiating, as in the case of Rome or the Udinese, because the azulgrana organization is only owner of its planning. " We respect the decisions of the others. We are not going to emit a judgment of valor" , Freixa has insisted, that has assured that the investment in signings is continued basing in 45 million plus the sales that can be made specific. Source of the news: The Bara is " considerando" the sale of Measures the perimeter of Krkic to the Rome, that " he is not cerrada"

Marketing Online

New criteria to continue growing TO BE or NOT TO BE Marketing Online, announce from this month of June of 2011 their new modality of hiring. This modality is based on the obtained results and the success of the marketing actions online that are realised on the clients. In this way, it is tried that the new clients only pay by the objectives reached and not solely about served. This new adopted criteria for being or NOT TO BE Marketing Online, are part of the strategy of growth that is being developed during this year and the objective to cooperate with the companies in its success, at these difficult moments in the Spanish economic market. This modality manages solely to medians companies and consists of reaching agreements from Outsourcing with these to assume the responsibility of the unit of business online of the same, including its investments, and to receive solely by the obtained results. This way the clients of BEING or TO BE do not assume any risk. They only pay if they have more business. Electrolux shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Each client is a world, has one it forms to operate and a more or less measurable business online.

There is a standard proposal nor no a standard cost. To each client a previous study is done to him and it is arrived with him at a customized negotiation. This initiative – in words of Ignacio Lafuente, chief of a main directorate of BEING or TO BE we have not started up, it when including/understanding that the clients look for solutions ready to use and that they wish to put itself into the hands of professionals who assume risks and that share the failures and the successes. TO BE or TO BE does not have an accumulated experience of more than five years and counts with more than 1,000 clients of very different enterprise sectors. It is a company specialized in marketing online, oriented to business and results with a deep knowledge of all the channels online. It has, in addition, the certifications necessary to approach projects in Internet and, also, it has all the average technicians and humans possible to assume the challenges that consider to him. For that reason, comments Ignacio to us Lafuente, we know that nobody will do by itself and with its own means a work online with the same quality and results that ours, always working in equipment with the own client. We can say that, TO BE or NOT TO BE, our future re-invents day to day. For more information: TO BE or NOT TO BE Marketing Online Street Fernn Gonzlez, 44, 28009 Madrid tel: 914009058 About Being or Not to be Marketing Online: To be or To be Marketing Online is not a company specialized in the promotion of businesses in Internet that offers integral services of marketing online to the Spanish market. Account with two offices and than 30 employees reaching more a level of invoicing in 2010 of more of 1M of volume of business. At the moment it counts with more than 1,000 clients than they guarantee his services, between which they are included: – Natural Positioning – Communication Online – Reputation Online – Management of campaigns Google Adwords – Social Networks – Web of Use

Manchester United

Mediocentro confirms to have forgotten the denunciation that rejected the UEFA by supposed racist insults on the madridista Marcelo. Its intention is to play and to be able to help to the equipment in everything what can. The Bara arrived east Tuesday at London and Saturday will be moderate to the Machester United. The midfield player of the FC Barcelona, Sergio Busquets, who could have lost the end of Liga de Campeones of to him to have sanctioned the UEFA by supposed racist insults on the madridista Marcelo, has recognized that does not have " nothing that demostrar" in Wembley and he assures to have forgotten the happened thing. " I do not have any rage. It is a party as any other and I will leave equal concentrate.

The others are everything to margen" , it assures Busquets to few days of the party that will face to him Manchester United to crown itself like better European equipment. Mediocentro dnsivo to title of Barcelona in last the two seasons, arisen from the azulgrana factory of talents and key player in the victory of the Spanish selection in the World-wide one of Africa, Busquets was seen under the mediatic centers the being accused by Real Madrid by presumed racist insults. Connect with other leaders such as Pacific Realty here. Nevertheless, the Catalan player denied in private circles to have insulted to the madridista, a position that ended up accepting the UEFA, when considering that it was not possible to be demonstrated that the serious accusation of the white club was certain. But the player already had been labeled publicly as racist from many sectors, that demanded an exemplary sanction for the azulgrana. Even the madridista technician, Jose Mourinho, returned to leave a message to Barcelona when remembering, days ago, that " fare-play, respect to the adversary and red card to racism do not only have to be palabras".


The last week of August I am in Caracas, surrounded by the different tropical storms that conform the frightful Irene hurricane. The tropical storms do not scare the natives of Caracas, to the electric appliance they call rays and rain is something that mainly destroys favelas of the city and hairdos in the other part. But in the belief that the mountainous system that surrounds the large city protects to them of any meteorological contrariedad, the natives of Caracas go from a site to another one, consuming gasoline almost free. It is certain that the insecurity brings to them of head, and react before her with an unusual mixture of resignation and violence. They assume that the fact of being assaulted by bands of semimilitary armament " estadstica&quot comprises of one; that it gets fat titular journalistic where makes sure that in Caracas in the last years have died more people than in the war of Iraq. Source of the news: : Chvez and his ' cadenas'