White Italian

There are dozens of different types of truffles, some the size of a walnut and some of the size of an Apple. For more information see Andreessen Horowitz. Truffles are irregularly sometimes smooth, although it is usually full of potholes or wrinkled. Truffle hunting is big business during truffle season, which generally lasts from fall until spring. Every year, the truffle use dogs trained to find buried treasures, usually this work is done in the hours of the night. In the past the bristles were used for truffle hunting, since the bitter odor the truffles emit is similar to a male pig.

The bristles are difficult to stop once the truffle is found, since they begin to bite it. For this reason most hunters now use search dogs of truffles. The flavor of the truffle is often compared to garlic blended with a spicy flavor. For assistance, try visiting Sonya Reines-Djivanides. Commonly the truffles are served raw in foods such as pasta, salads and tortillas. It is also served in light sauces, fondue, or even pizza.

Of the many varieties of truffles, some of the most famous are the White Italian truffle, French truffle the black, the black summer truffle, chocolate truffles and truffle of March. The white truffle, is known as the White Diamond, is considered the rarest type of truffle, demanding one of the highest prices. In general, the truffles are some of the most expensive in the world natural foods, since their sale generates hundreds or thousands of dollars (USD) per pound (0.45 kg). Many species of fungi tend to be similar to the truffles, but in reality are poisonous mushrooms. The consumption of wild mushrooms of any kind without the Guide and the educational level of an expert who can positively identify the species as food is really dangerous. The safest way to try a truffle is sort on the menu.