MsC Process

But what separates them from the academic training and do not see it as a continuation of this and as part of the curriculum. The MsC. Concepcion Soria is in a similar situation when he describes it as: (…) a process bounded in training, which takes place at the conclusion of the academic training and who have to continue to facilitate this process are An initial working group heterogeneity, the persons designated by office or particular mission, such as tutors, and the family and society in its broadest sense. (4) Although our objective was not to define their work, play important aspects such as the fact that job training is a process and must have a running time of well-defined, so that properly trained to acquire the skills they need for perform its functions. Another aspect of that question is the influence of family and community in the development of new professional, fully as important to their concentration and learning. However it's not a definition that could be assumed to be very ambiguous even though we must take into account the contributions made. The I. Lopez does give a definition of what, in his view, is the job training and believes that there is more than one (…) the training process that fosters the consolidation of interests, knowledge and professional skills, to contribute to quantitative and qualitative development of the graduate in the cognitive and affective. (5) This concept is very specific and play areas that until now were not taken into account explicitly, as are the interests of the graduates about their work.