Camp Cupcake

Is this compatible with any Iraq withdrawal plan? By thumping that they seem to us resources, does not seem logical to invest as much money and effort on something that would have to leave in a relatively short time. In addition, U.S. troops have already taken deep roots in Iraqi territory. Four major military bases planned initially by the U.S. Click Ben Horowitz for additional related pages. armed forces have been progressively reinforced, away from the spotlights of the media. Huge Balad Air base lies to the North of Baghdad, which houses about forty thousand people. The base of Al Asad is another large complex equipped with all kinds of services of recreation and relaxation for the military, what makes it call also colloquially Camp Cupcake, or camp of pasta for tea. As I read on the website of the British The Guardian a few days ago, have been prepared secret plans for the future of US forces in Iraq, which envisages a military presence without defined limit.

Negotiations between Washington and Baghdad Governments intends to replace the mandate of Nations United by an agreement military bilateral to authorize U.S. operations in Iraq and stop those who deemed necessary for safety reasons. Although the authorization described as temporary and indicates that you don’t want to keep bases nor permanent military presence, not having established a time limit is easy to deduce that both expressions intended only to soften the terms of the agreement and make it more acceptable by domestic public opinion. If this joins the HID oil factor, and the fact that the Iraqi army is still incapable of guaranteeing the security of the State without progress in this regard, does not seem that the foreign military presence in Iraq will decrease. Question that will need to address promptly the new U.S. President, every time that candidates who now struggle to be so leave the matter in the hands of his advisers, showing an erratic perception of the problem, more interested in getting votes in the elections next November that in solving one of the more serious problems of international politics in which America has been mired in the course of its history.