Fashion Handbags Stradivarius

Fashion preppy such popularity has enjoyed in recent seasons, returns this summer from fashionable hand Stradivarius, with a small collection with the basic garments for shaping many looks and take to go to the fashion of today. The preppy is a youth fashion that favors the girls with a casual but elegant styling. Another success of Stradivarius that picks up as we have said, a very liked style with this collection. The collection of Stradivarius Preppy clothes, is formed by Coquette Navy blue jacket, blouse style suerter with stripes, leveraging white combined with orange which is another color of the season and the blue of course. Shorts and t-shirts that Marvel will be complemented with a beautiful scarf in stripes. Preppy fashion is inspired by elegant fashion of the 1940s and has become a sexy subculture, because elegant clothes is at odds with other youth trends which although popular aren’t exactly good taste and so is the preppy good taste in fashion stradivarius. Along with the new collection Stradivarius spring 2012 of fashionable women can enjoy already the new collection of handbags Stradivarius spring 2012. An extensive collection with more than 15 wonderful models that predominate bags of medium and small size handbags for the most part and made in a wide variety of materials that range from the denim fabric, passing by canvas, leather, metal stamping and as not, floral prints in accordance with the general trend for spring 2012.