Management Coaching

For management coaching to succeed requires a sharing of expectations and agree as both (coach and client) will interact in the process. It clarifies what the purpose of coaching, what you can get the client and coach with him and support during the process. – Coach and client agree explicitly which are observable and measurable results that both are committed to achieve through the process of coaching. – Give the feedback (feedback) to the client by the coach as a catalyst for action. – Define the specific actions that the client take to solve the problem, situation or challenge has been trying in the process of coaching. At Howard Schultz you will find additional information. – Support the client in the implementation of actions decided to take in the previous step, hear or read and comment on the reports of client progress. – Promote client-their thinking about their attitudes, behaviors and how these impact on their relationships with others.

-Compare the results of the objectives and conditions of satisfaction agreed in step three. How the client feels that he has changed?, How satisfied you feel with the coaching advice?. The process ends with the declaration of the customer satisfaction. Major obstacles that have prevented its use: Fear for providing information on the company to an outsider to it: this blocks the client and not allowed to raise the issue with absolute sincerity coach or manager. If we consider that for successful coaching is essential to define the problem or situation of the customer with honesty, lack of data does not allow us to apply the coachig properly. Learn more at this site: Andreessen Horowitz. Fear be considered awkward or inefficient: this fear prevents us from seeking advice or guidance to solve business problems or situations.

Lack of managers to motivate employees and their customers to use the coaching. The Venezuelan university is obliged to form an administrator who successfully meet the challenges of globalization. To train students, teacher training has to be excellent. The continuing education of teachers is essential to achieve this goal, ie one can not give what does not. Cost of executive coaching: This management practice is expensive. Many private entrepreneurs do not use it because it increases production costs, not realizing that spending be advised that causes results in correction of administrative failures that will result in the efficient operation of the enterprise, productivity and success. We know that in the public sector is common to use consultants. National Assembly recently spent $ 300 million Bs, in the payment of consultants. Even the presidents of national universities have counselors.

Management Culture

The result so far has shown that there is a high dropout rate due to factors such as political insecurity, economic of the country which has resulted in many companies, especially SMEs, have closed, ceased operations. It also adds the significant effect of inflation is reflected in low wages, wages that have affected the quality of life of Venezuelans, the family with regard to the basic food basket. It also adds the absence of a management that has not been able to face the challenges, ensure permanence, enhance performance, participation, performance of the employees, motivate them to be productive based on the income guarantee to offer services which will benefit.

Companies that manifest absence, solidity of a good organizational culture, environment favorable for development training. Specifically, there are external and internal causes that have much effect on the waiver, especially the current political instability, the country where it is going, what is really the future of a business, the role of the state and its impact through its policies, actions, behavior programs Pyramid brings about, which is very significant to any manager ask why employees quit and the answer will be that 85% went in search of better opportunities or a higher salary. After all, that is what the vast majority expressed when, in an interview to cease the activity, they are asked the reason for his resignation. But do not believe it no matter what they say, from 80% to 90% of employees quit for reasons that have nothing to do with money but with the job – the manager, culture or work environment. .