Scheler Man

The man, through its differences confrots itself with its behavior, therefore the man is a surprising being; its change is constant, its habits, customs, beliefs and cultures. The word ' ' razo' ' it is what it predominates in its vocabulary. The Man has axiolgica conscience and rational will to analyze, to evaluate and to opt to an action. This intellectual capacity (that I only possessed it to the Man) calls formal and creative intelligence. Already the animals do not aim at a knowledge for the future, but they live the reality of the moment, if they express in a natural way for the life. Until little time behind, animal intelligence was only detached as simple answers to the instincts or strategy of survival, without no relation with the cognition In its written workmanship at the beginning of the last century ' ' The place of the man in cosmos' ' (1928), Max Scheler establishes changes in the form to explain the man.

In this workmanship the biggest interest was for explaining the difference between the man and the animals, this in what if it relates to intelligence. Such essential difference would be contained to a contrary general principle the life, in which it interpreted as spirit. As Scheler the spirit acquits the man of the pressure of the biological one, of the instincts. This disconnect of the instincts makes with that the man not if adapte to environments as the animals leaving the free one to the world. The animals in turn are all as limited to its fixed and innate instincts its respective specific environments. Each animal living in same one determined area if becomes total different. Each animal only catches for itself the necessary one and what it has importance for its existence. The man in turn keeps next to nature a particular position. The man when displayed to live in one environment of the wild nature he is for demasiadamente inferior physically and an inapt being for such.