Rambler Advertising

A simple ad campaign. Nothing new, just a list of simple and effective ways for a small advertising company. There is a need to sell the goods or services in advertising until we begin the first steps then let’s try this: Make a text ad, and better than 3 – 5 different texts and make sure to focus on those keys as to attract attention to your reading of the text, the call of interest, the desire to have this product and do not forget to motivate some action by the consumer (please call, write you a box, etc.). 2 Do not be lazy and send your announcement at least 100-150 free boards. Use different text. 3 Place the text and a link to your site to several directories, you can find them by simply typing in the search engines ‘link directory’, one of them is on this site. Buy four contextual advertising on Yandex, Rambler and Google, put a small value for click, even if you do not appear on the first page search – Your ad will appear on sites of the network (generally a budget you can afford, you decide). 5 E-mail news about the company and product Registered users can add news feeds on this site. Use these simple techniques and the result will not be long in coming.