Pliny Pear

Changes in the machines, software, the process, the routine, the education, the quality control, the communication, the installations, the products, at last, in everything. However, these had not been all our dear heroes who had understood or accepted this challenging situation. Many had looked for to carry through a course technician or superior, and had at least ignored, conscientiously or not, that such knowledge would be primordial for continuity of its success as leader. The ones that had unblocked its minds, had taken attitudes and if they had delivered to the process with tranquilidade, solicitude and humildade, they had conquered or they perfected knowledge, they are if leaving very well. But the ones that had started to block the changes, saying phrases of the type: & ldquo; the previous system was very better! & rdquo; , & ldquo; our machine was excellent, why had changed? & rdquo; , & ldquo; so that to be hearing the employee! I control and finished! & rdquo; , & ldquo; I always made thus and always he gave certain, so that to move? & rdquo;. At last, the ones that are acting negative, exactly having the beautiful history of contribution, unhappyly, are blocking the development of the organization. The leader who not accepted the changes that go up to around its department can yes, to leave of being & ldquo; heri& rdquo; to become one & ldquo; vilo& rdquo; , and perhaps, to be more remembered for what he made of negative of what for its historical contribution. The resignation, for these cases, can be an option. Therefore, it is the alert one to the old leader in the organization: You want to continue being a true super-hero or go to become a great villain for whom they had always trusted you? He wants to know the secret? Acceptance and hugs the change and revigorates its energy, as if its history of success was starting today! Force hero! One I hug and until next if the God to want! Prof. Adolph Pliny Pear tree is consulting of companies, palestrante and university professor of graduation and after graduation & ndash; professoradolfo@