Management Culture

The result so far has shown that there is a high dropout rate due to factors such as political insecurity, economic of the country which has resulted in many companies, especially SMEs, have closed, ceased operations. It also adds the significant effect of inflation is reflected in low wages, wages that have affected the quality of life of Venezuelans, the family with regard to the basic food basket. It also adds the absence of a management that has not been able to face the challenges, ensure permanence, enhance performance, participation, performance of the employees, motivate them to be productive based on the income guarantee to offer services which will benefit.

Companies that manifest absence, solidity of a good organizational culture, environment favorable for development training. Specifically, there are external and internal causes that have much effect on the waiver, especially the current political instability, the country where it is going, what is really the future of a business, the role of the state and its impact through its policies, actions, behavior programs Pyramid brings about, which is very significant to any manager ask why employees quit and the answer will be that 85% went in search of better opportunities or a higher salary. After all, that is what the vast majority expressed when, in an interview to cease the activity, they are asked the reason for his resignation. But do not believe it no matter what they say, from 80% to 90% of employees quit for reasons that have nothing to do with money but with the job – the manager, culture or work environment. .