Kirillov- A Beautiful City In Russia

At this time I decided to tell you about one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, a city of Kirillov. Lovers of Russian antiques, Russian architecture recommend to visit this city is located in the Vologda region. This land was settled people from the Novgorod region, with Ilmen lake. Here to build a beautiful monastic ensembles in harmony with the tranquil beauty of the northern Russian countryside. Architectural masterpieces are the monuments of federal values. It is formed by the historical and architectural reserve. Interesting and exciting history of this region associated with the names of famous Russian historical figures and beautiful scenery will not disappoint anyone. Each Seen architectural reserve – a touch of history.

Many people probably wonder why this city is so named? Readily answer, the fact that for about six years ago, this area of capital city, as Now it is called 'Moscow', came to a monk named Cyril, and founded a monastery here. Over time, this monastery has developed to such an extent that in the hands of the abbots, accumulated quite a mighty power, one has only to mention that the walls of the monastery for six years, defending their native land from Polish invaders. In the days of Catherine the Great issued a special law, which deprived the monastery of such power. But this did not trouble the monastery ended, a great First Lady organized in the walls of the monastery prison, it is worth noting also that it is formed around the city, which is now called the Kirillov. During Soviet times, Cyril Belozersky monastery turned into a museum. Many more can talk about this city, and especially about his monastery, but scholars of this city will be able to tell his stories, much better.