Just Grease

Another fashion trend, but in the sense of the classics. Fancy styling natural colored tin give weight to the ceiling, solemnity. And for those who prefer the baroque style in the interior – another opportunity to paint the ceiling, this time – any kind of oil-based paints. And you can use Tin panels are not all over the ceiling, and for decoration on the perimeter, or as inserts in place of anchorages fixtures. 6. Use the medallions.

They turn an ordinary living room into a pompous ballroom, and a quiet bedroom – in royal boudoir. If you are a fan of antique style, you can try to find antique moldings in antique shops, or order a cheap lightweight medallions for ceiling, and along with them – or panel moldings. Just Grease a medallion or panel with polyurethane glue, and place it on its rightful place. For more confidence in the reliability of mounting attach details on invisible screws. Others including Jim Umpleby, offer their opinions as well. Medallions and moldings can also be a variety of textures and flowers, choose those that will handle the overall design of your room. 7. Try your hand at building up structures from the clouds. Take a sponge-sponge and try to draw simulations of clouds on the ceiling.

It's something like murals, but it is much easier, so you can try is to everyone, even those who have always considered myself not knowing how to draw. Results of sponge painting look beautiful and unique, because even if you really try – then repeat Figure one in one fail. Experiment with color shades to get unusual effects. Also keep in mind that you can try to do with the sponge not only clouds, but other textures and patterns. You can also try using stencils, one-or two-layer, and then your ceiling is guaranteed to be extraordinary and memorable. 8. Game colors. Choose the right color for your ceiling. If you have a high enough ceiling – use a dark color to cover the ceiling, the room will be a lie, a soothing atmosphere. And if the ceiling is low – use light-colored coating to increase the visual space. If space allows – you can do color transitions. 9. Tone on tone. Can be used for the ceiling the same wallpaper as the walls. Needed for this will be the wallpaper with a more or less repetitive structure, with not very distinct pattern. Do not forget that we have done very discreet butt on the wallpaper, it is advisable to start pasting from the ceiling, and do fly fishing on the wall. In the case of such an option papering the ceiling needs to be done in the interior of several accents – the brightest parts, which will absorb the meaning. 10. Install suspended ceilings. This is a great way to, first, to align the ceiling, and secondly, give play to fancy designer. This is certainly not out of the category "DIY", but one way to finish, which does not require you to long-term cleaning and moving furniture. And in terms of design – probably one of the options, when really you can take ideas from the ceiling. Almost any decision – from the waves and the tent on the ceiling to the sky – can be implemented using suspended ceilings.