They must indicate whether the model supports Java. If the information is not available, you can search information on it online or ask the seller. 2. If your phone has already bought, the easiest way to download and check whether it starts an application Java. Also, the hallmark is the presence in the phone directory with the name of Java, and relevant information can be found in the 'multimedia' or 'entertainment'. If Java is not in your phone, then install applications and games in this format, you will not succeed. Although the Internet Some believe that Java You can connect programmatically using firmware and a number of clever manipulation of the engineering menu. However, it is most likely a legend and should not take it seriously. Moreover, all is not lost, because there are alternatives. One of them will be discussed below. Mrp games and applications. Mrp – an attempt to Chinese manufacturers to develop an alternative format of Java. Thus, almost all Chinese phones support Mrp format, however, find applications and games on it much more complicated than the game in Java. However, you can find them, but the install is quite problematic. Let's see how this can be done. First, check whether your phone reacts to the input of the code * # 220807 #. Next, check whether there is a the menu 'Entertainment' application msn, and on the memory card folder mythroad. If yes, then you are ready to install. – We find in the Internet and download the desired game or application. – Razarhiviruem mythroad them to a folder on your memory card – The keyboard is typed combination * # 220807 # – menu appears to select applications. Alas, only in Chinese. There is a perception that the network is the converter Java – Mpr, which allows you to convert Java applets in applications Mpr, however, we find it is not failed. Some phones also possible to run the game through simulations. Let's look at them as well. Emulators. There are several types of emulators that support different formats: smc – it's an emulator SuperNintendo, Nes – Emulator Nintendo, gb – emulator GameBoy. Immediately noteworthy is the fact that the run game with simulators can be used only if your telephone has a corresponding emulator. How can this be verified? Very simple. Enough delve into the phone menu. As a rule, it is in the menu "Entertainment – Games Simulators", but, theoretically, could be in other locations. If you find the appropriate menu, then you can install the games. Process Installation is very simple. – Download the game in the appropriate format – is in the root directory on a flash drive folder called c Games (possible altenativy: GameSimulator, Game, Mynes) – upload to the folder the game – Select the emulator and it points the way to folder with the games it might happen that a folder called Games in the root directory of the stick will not, then you will need to experiment with folders, to create a few new names to the above, and in each download games in various formats. If the folder with these names exist, and emulators no, then start the game, alas, does not work. We sincerely hope that this article will help you solve many problems with respect to applications and games in the Chinese phones, and you can download and run the required program and games.