Digital Phones

To start, define some terms. Open Information Society Institute (OSI) – a society where the law was introduced and implemented technically track action (particularly financial and relation to property) of people (mostly public). All information is available to any member of the public in an explicit form (without mediators – the media, prosecutors, judiciary, etc.). Plus, electronic payments and orders of any goods, services, reservation services, easy access to information from public and private data repositories, databases, portals and information systems. Doing their own sites in the country, access to global network exchange of information (WWW-Internet.) Digital age, an age of digital content – an era with a new way of representation and processing of any information (audio, visual, kinesthetic, etc.) with the use of computers (CPUs) which is known to work with objects and phenomena presented in the form of "1" or "0" (trigger). Work quickly and do not make mistakes. Opportunity to address any knowledge and experience accumulated by mankind to the current time. Remote life – the opportunity to work and relax without leaving your favorite sofa, using mobile phones, fast closing EIPSS and watching what is happening on multiple screens clear.

Population Register (PR) – database of all population. With disjoint and encoding parameters bioidentification people. Kept forever! IL – ID card. The only instrument – a device with a chip (microcomputer), confirming your identity on the PSI and replacing the entire stack of documents and certificates that accompany contemporary man. EIPSS – Unified Information – country's payment system, closed to foreigners.

Access – from anywhere in the country, at any time, with the use of "mobile phones", UMIS, ED, office systems, etc. computers. Mobile phone – mobile phones the next generation, with the possibilities of today's laptops, smart phones, communicators, PDAs and handhelds. UMIS – Universal Mobile Information System. Powerful personal laptop, type UMPC Next Generation (multiprocessor, multicore, 1 GB RAM, 1 TB over long-term memory, communication WiMax, software machines – services, etc.). The basic unit of information support people at home and at work. ED – Electronic house. Powerful server for supervising the home, family payments, archives, databases, balancing all Other Devices processors, the performance of home theater functions and remote living.