Bradesco Bank

In the relative branches to the Patrimonial Insurances, the Bradesco Auto/RE comes renewing the programs of insurances of its main customers, by means of partnerships with the correctors specialized in the segment and proximity with the Bradesco Corporate and Bradesco Companies. The excellent performance of the sector of Oil and the reheating of the segment of Civil Construction, also come contributing for the growth of the Bradesco Auto/RE in this segment. In the Maritime Hoof and Aeronautical insurances, the interchange with the controlling of the Bradesco Corporate and Bradesco Companies comes strong being used, using to advantage the increment of the market in the sales of new aircraft, as well as in the maritime segment, of naval constructions. Although the strong competition, in the Auto/RCF Branches, the insuring one has increased its base of customers. The fact elapses, mainly, of the improvement of the current products and the creation of destined products the specific public. Amongst these, the Safe Bradesco can be cited Exclusive Bradesco Customer, for account holders of the Bradesco Bank and the Auto Woman, for the feminine public. The participation of the Group Bradesco de Seguros and Previdncia in the wallet of Auto/RCF of the market, in May of 2010, was of 15,5% (Source: Susep).

In June of 2010, the Bradesco Health kept position of prominence in the enterprise segment (source: ANS). In function of the solid structure, the politics of innovative products and the confidence conquered in the market, the Bradesco Life and Providence kept the leadership with participation of 31,9% of the prescription of plans of providence and VGBL. Also she is leader absolute in the VGBL plans, with participation of 33,4%, and plans of Providence, with 26,5% (source: Fenaprevi? data May of 2010). The Bradesco Capitalizaton locked up 2 trimester of 2010 in position of prominence in the capitalizaton market, result of one politics of transparent performance, characterized for adjusting its products in accordance with the potential demand of consumers.