Bell Peter

We headed there chime. Peter then gave more details. -Mona of pocitas and the kids who wanted it, should know that at the end you could escape from captivity and reunited with other primates of the circus that is touring in the city during the celebrations of this month of May. -Then Peter, what is our mission? -He answered Bell. -We will accompany all the children to see the role of the circus so they fired her Mona and brighten by knowing that ultimately found happiness next to other chimpanzees as she. 3. THE FUNCTION OF THE CIRCUS.

The day that came to Puertollano Peter and her fairy, was announced a Special because it is a festive day function. The appearance of handing out tickets to the small Bell fairy caused a great sensation, everyone wanted him to sign an autograph on the back of the ticket as a souvenir. Peter delegated the Protocol of the invitations to her fairy and took the time to telephoning to the wise. -We’re in the city of Puertollano and chime has been responsible for getting passes to the special feature of the circus. Reported Peter.

-Very well replied the Sage. -Remember that the solution to your refusal to grow consisted of mature and accept that you would do adult transforming all your fears by thoughts that you vincularias to an ideal world? -Yes, I learned the lesson, said Peter. -Because this will be your first case study Peter, replied the Sage. -Now listen to me carefully. That mona had a hard, sad life without enjoying the company of their peers, but the children much wanted to. When we yearn for a world in colours, we transform the hue of gray and substitute the stark reality for an ideal world. So the bottom line is that children learn the Puertollano Pocitas Mona, managed to escape and rejoin other chimpanzees and that it will act in the role of the circus to say goodbye to all of them. The function it was spectacular and was not nor a free seat. When it came the turn of chimpanzees appeared Peter announcing a brief intervention of our mona to say goodbye to all the children. There was a deafening applause and many wept with emotion. At the end of the pass, the comment was unanimous: our mona is not alone and is happy. The Sage was informed in detail, was happy. The history of the Mona of Pocitas and the legend that began circulating around the city, would contribute to generate debate on the ethics of compassion for animals. And Peter came to the conviction that made adult was not so bad thing provided accompany you the poetry in his life as the buzz to the Bumblebee.